Lateness Policy

Classes start at their scheduled time.  New students please arrive 20 minutes early so you can register and meet your teacher.  If you've never been here before, you may have trouble finding the building.  Leave yourself PLENTY of time.  An 8am class BEGINS at 8am.  Out of respect for the students who arrive early to relax and meditate, please do not arrive at 8am for an 8am class.  It may SEEM like you're on time, but in reality, by the time you, apologize profusely for running late, get dressed, fill your water bottle, use the restroom and get situated in the Yoga Room, we are ALL running 5-10 minutes behind schedule. 

The doors will be locked 3 minutes before class. 

All classes will start on time.

If you are running a few minutes late because of extenuating circumstances (and you are not a new student), feel free to give us a call and we can wait 1 or 2 minutes.  If this becomes a regular practice for you, we will not be able to honor the request.

On a personal note:  I used to be a "late person".  Every time I showed up running behind schedule, I had a wonderful story that I somehow convinced myself was a reality.  It almost never was, and after someone quite lovingly pointed out to me that my word was my bond, it became apparent to me that arriving on time was a contract.  It was my word.  Saying that I was going to arrive on time and constantly not doing so, was sending a message to the world, and most importantly to MYSELF, that my word meant little to nothing.

So in summation, this exercise of being on time, for me was the beginning of enlightenment!  In the moment I was constantly running late.  In my head I had become adept at creating a story that accommodated my nonsense.  I knew in my heart it was nonsense and all my friends knew it was nonsense.  When I stopped the "nonsense", I felt better about myself and everyone around me appreciated the new me.  I enjoyed not running late all the time.  I enjoyed feeling more in control of my life.  I enjoyed being keeping my word.

It all seems to be related to: "choose not to suffer"...  in the room and out of the room.

Please keep in mind no one here is standing in judgment.  We want to support your being healthy & happy.

The doors will be locked 3 minutes before class. 


Stuart & the Staff at BYE


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