We're Painting...

     This place has to be clean, comfortable and well maintained - NO COMPROMISE whatsoever! 
Our 4 year anniversary will be November 15th (big party to be announced! :-) and it's time to clean the yoga room "bones to skin, fingertips to the toes!"
     The studio gets cleaned twice a day at 3pm and at 9:30 pm every day.  I have yet to hear of another BIkram Yoga studio that has a cleaning crew come through the studio twice daily.
That being said, the yoga room is the heart of this community and I personally can't sleep at night, unless I know you guys are practicing in the cleanest, most exceptional environment possible.
     We will be closing September 18 - 20 (Tu - Thur), in order to clean & repair the yoga room. We are so fortunate to have a strong relationship with Bikram Yoga Andersonville and they are allowing us to practice for free for those 3 days.
     I want to thank Jessica Rask and the BYA community for helping us out and I also want to remind you all to "move with the words" and participate within the traditions of BYA.
     Thanks for your patience and understanding and we will re-open bright and early Friday for the 6:30am class. 
     On behalf of the staff and myself - we adore you guys and LOVE having an EXCEPTIONAL facility for you to practice in.  You deserve the best!!


Stuart & Staff

 Bikram Yoga Andersonville

5715 North Clark St.

Chicago, IL 60660



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