OmHot Yin Meditation

  • OmHot Yin Meditation a is a slow-paced style of Yoga with postures or asanas that are held for comparatively long periods of time - two to five minutes is typical. All OmHot Yin Meditation classes are 60 minutes long and the room is 85 degrees and 0% humidity.

  • OmHot Yin Meditation poses apply moderate stress to the connective tissues - the tendons, fascia, and ligaments - with the aim of increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility.

  • OmHot Yin Meditation is not intended as a complete practice in itself, but rather as a complementary practice to balance the effects of more active forms of yoga and exercise. The perfect compliment to the 26 & 2 practice.

  • OmHot Yin Meditation is the great equalizer. Most forms of yoga today are dynamic, active practices designed to work only half of our body, the muscular half, the "yang" tissues. OmHot Yin Meditation allows us to work the "other half", the deeper "yin" tissues of our ligaments, joints, deep fascial networks, and even our bones. All of our tissues are important and need to be exercised so that we can achieve optimal health and vitality.









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