OmHot Autonomous

  • OmHot Autonomous classes are 60 or 75 minutes long and the room is 105f degrees and 40% humidity.

  • OmHot Autonomous is a silent class where the instruction is administered via high end audio, with minimal cues. We recommend that students have a basic knowledge of the Bikram Yoga series.

  • OmHot Autonomous is a "Moving Meditation". Please be prepared to move together. In essence, breath & meditation are the focus - the discipline. The grace of stillness is the medium.

  • OmHot Autonomous is practiced in a heated room, which serves to warm the body allowing for deeper and safer stretching. The heat also helps prevents injuries and rids your body of toxins (sweat) while relieving stress and tension.

  • OmHot Autonomous asks the student to be responsible for their experience. By removing the attachment to the teacher (and the guru), the student is left with their breath, commitment to stillness and dedication to the quality of the experience chosen. In other words: personal responsibility.

  • Newer students will be asked to set up in the back row of the yoga room and will practice behind an experienced student. New students will hear the audio describing the postures in detail AND watch an experienced student practice in front of them. This is a time tested method of learning the OmHot Yoga Series.










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