Student Guidelines

Here are the basics of creating an outstanding experience for yourself and the OmHot Yoga community. We practice individually, but we practice together as a community. Here's how we come together as individuals and support the community we create.

  • Enter the yoga room and maintain "Noble Silence"

  • Stay in the room for the full class.

  • No cell phones, shoes or socks in the yoga room.

  • Please no perfume/cologne or any scent (including body odor). 

  • Practice on an empty stomach.

  • Only water in the yoga room - no other beverages.

  • Drink in between the postures (not during) after Eagle Pose (Water Break).

  • Arrive at least 5 minutes early. Doors automatically lock 3 minutes before class time. 

  • Bring a towel and mat for use in class. We have them available for $3 rental. ($5 for both)

  • Yoga is a preparation for meditation. The practice is centered in meditation and stillness.

  • Mention any pre-existing injury or special conditions to Stuart before class.

  • Be compassionate with yourself - rest when you need to:
    Standing series: Stand or sit quietly. Floor Series: You are welcome to lie down. 
  • A 2 minute Savasana is marked by a bell at the end of class:
    Stay for the entire 2 minutes. You are welcome to stay (up to 5 minutes) longer.

  • We respectfully ask you to refrain from posting any photos or "checking in" on Social Media. If you enjoy OmHot Yoga Club and want to bring a friend, tell them about us, give them a hug and please bring them. It's not possible to practice non-attachment and be addicted to Social Media. This practice is a quiet practice and should nurture a quiet strength. If you find that you need to post something to the Wide World Interweb every time you're a little gassy, this club may not be for you. That being said, it may be just what you need.

  • This is not Baby Training. Practicing being a baby prepares you to be a baby. Good luck with that. This is Warrior Training. This is not a Yoga Studio. You are here because you've chosen to be a member of this club. We choose "the road less traveled" and we're willing to explore the possibility that the best way out is (gracefully moving) through (the challenge in front of you.) Probably best to show up here, a Warrior. Probably best to show up every day of your life like that. Probably best to "practice" being a warrior regularly in anticipation the impending challenges.

  • If anything here doesn't make sense, I want to refer you to "Why OmHot Yoga Club?" This is not for everyone, but I suggest it should be. If it doesn't work for you - don't practice with us. We still love you, it's just not the right fit. If what we're doing here makes sense - please join us! You're exactly why we're here.






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