OmHot Private Instruction

OmHot Private Instruction is the foundation of the OmHot Yoga Series. Students from all over the world have practiced the Bikram Yoga Series in multiple forms with conflicting instruction and information about the asanas and the practice as a whole. OmHot Private Instruction creates a a common foundation for all students who want to be a part of the OmHot Yoga Club. Here is where we all get on the same page and each move into our practice gracefully - without excuses and without conversation.

  • Is a 90 minute class in the tradition of Bikram Yoga Series. The instructor uses the OmHot 60 minute recorded class as the foundation. It's consistent and succinct information, enables the student to access a solid foundation in each of the poses of the series.

  • Will allow the student to focus on specifics of the series, ask questions and explore. The 60 minute recording with 30 minutes of individualized work allows for 90 minutes of private instruction while receiving the full benefit of a class.

  • Is great for New Students. It is designed to allow them to approach the OmHot Yoga Series in a more open, nurturing and inquisitive manner. The teacher is there to guide them to learn the very basics of the series and to become comfortable enough with the basics, so the recorded classes become a regular part of their practice.
  • Regular practitioners are encouraged to participate in Private Instruction to stay in touch with the integrity of the practice. To have an opportunity to ask questions and "stop" the practice to focus on the ever changing minutia of the practice. "As your body change, the practice changes. As your practice changes, the body changes."





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